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Our artisan bonbons and truffles are little pieces of edible art. We use the best and freshest ingredients, and import/source the finest chocolate available, to make perfectly delectable delights.

Box Pricing:
$15 for 6pc box
$28 for 12pc box
$54 for 24pc box


Dark Passion
An intense passionfruit gel is layered on top of a dark chocolate ganache that is infused with more passionfruit.



Vanilla Infinity
Calling all vanilla lovers! Silky white chocolate infused with Madagascar vanilla bean sits on top of a vanilla wafer layer, and is coated with a vanilla white chocolate shell, for a perfect trifecta of nilla-ness.


Cuppa Joe

A three layered piece celebrating the other drink of the gods, coffee. Dark chocolate is paired with locally roasted espresso, with a middle layer of caramelized white chocolate, and finished with a crunch layer of dark chocolate combined with crunchy cacao nibs and coffee beans.



Harry’s Day-o

Inspired by Belafonte’s banana boat, this three layered bonbon uses white, dark, and milk chocolates, featuring flavours of bananas, Jamaican rum, and crunchy caramel.



Maple Pecan

How very Canadian of us…maple and nuts, together. Caramelized pecans are combined with origin Ecuador dark chocolate that is infused with a fragrant maple tea.


Matinee at the Bijou
Inspired by the classic American cocktail, The Bijou, this bonbon features origin Peru dark chocolate, infused with the sweet Bijou, inspired by the old 1935 Waldorf-Astoria bar recipe.


Tall, dark, and handsome 
Say hello to your new love. This bonbon features origin Venezuela dark chocolate paired with local honey, for a deep, rich, chocolatey experience.


Dark and milk chocolates from different continents are paired together, with a bergamot and floral tea infusion. A match made in heaven!



’99 Suburban

Inspired by the classic American cocktail, The Suburban, this bonbon features origin Ecuador dark chocolate, layered with a vanilla white chocolate, with a twist of lemon.



Rob’s your uncle
Et Voila! This bonbon pays tribute to the great american classic cocktail, the Rob Roy, and is paired with a rich and creamy 41% milk chocolate.


Strawberry Earl 

The Earl has returned, and is ready to sweep you away with its luxurious layers of strawberries and Earl Grey tea, infused into a silky smooth white chocolate. Jolly Good!


This festive bonbon features a cranberry caramel, layered with origin Mexico dark chocolate that is infused with Sichuan red pepper.


L.L. Dean

The Dean likes his Manhattans neat, and we love a single origin Peru 62% dark chocolate, topped with a Kirsch cherry.


Orange Dreamsicle
Remember chasing the ice cream truck down the street for that creamy orangey goodness? This bonbon features a white chocolate ganache, infused with orange and cream.



Dark Orange Dreamsicle (sold out)
By demand, we have created a dark chocolate version of the Orange Dreamsicle.


The King, and I
Peanut butter and milk chocolate, layered with banana white chocolate. The King’s breakfast, in a bonbon.



Lemon Yuzu Passion
This piece features silky white chocolate paired with lemon and passionfruit in one layer, and fragrant yuzu in the other layer.



Raspberry Romance
Raspberries and almonds reunited, and it feels so good!



Ocean Waves
A layer of caramelized chocolate, washed away by a dark 70% chocolate layer with a touch of Frangelico. Surf’s up.



Scotch on the Rocks
12yr scotch whiskey with a 70% dark chocolate, and a layer of pop rocks for a scintillating finish.


Chai on Life

Chai spice with cinnamon in a 41% milk chocolate, that brings back memories of travels to distant lands.



Current Currant
A layered piece combining black currants with white chocolate, and creme de cassis with an origin Ecuador dark chocolate.


Colonel Custard
Clue: was it Colonel Custard in the Chocolate Lab with a coconut?



Smoky Sou (sold out)
This unique flavour pairs a smoky Lapsang Souchong tea with an extra dark 80% single origin chocolate from El Salvador, mingled with the sweetness of cognac.



Starry Night
A unique single origin 70% dark from Nicaragua is layered with sea salt and caramelized chocolate.  A deep and rich chocolate experience!



Lychee Rosé
A beautifully fragrant bonbon that features white chocolate ganache in layers, infused with lychee and floral blossoms.



Leather and Walnut

Brazil origin dark chocolate is paired with an unusual Rye whiskey that has been infused with Brazilian walnut and Italian Leather.



The Blues
Wild blueberries and white chocolate, with a hint of fresh lavender.


Vanilla Matcha
Grand Cru Matcha is paired with vanilla, and infused in white chocolate.



Celebration Truffles (sold out)
These truffles are ready for all festive occasions, and feature origin dark chocolate from Tanzania, paired with sparkling wine and grappa, in a rich european butter truffle formulation.


Peanut Butter Truffles
Peanut butter and milk chocolate are combined together for a comforting snack that reminds of childhood treats.


Mint Crisp Truffles
These minty truffles are made without dairy, using organic coconut oil combined with dark chocolate and peppermint, with dark chocolate crisp pearls in the middle.



Note: All of our chocolate bonbons contain fresh ingredients and are best consumed within 2-3 weeks of purchase.