Collection Sets

the-old-waldorf-astoria-hotel-may-1900Waldorf-Astoria Collection, no. 1

The American cocktail of the pre-prohibition era was long considered as an aid to good appetite, digestion, and cheer. These potent potables were created to be savoured and enjoyed as much for their tastes as their effects.

Prior to prohibition, cocktails such as the Manhattan, Martini, and Rob Roy were made with the fine quality spirits and fresh juices and/or fruits. New drinks owed their invention either to unusually enterprising bartenders, or to imaginative (and sometimes daring) patrons longing for new savours and flavours. During this time, “Have you tried this one?” was almost as frequent a prelude to something as “Have you heard this one?”.

Once prohibition was enacted, the “Golden Age of Cocktails” was thrown into a “Dark Ages” of sort, where top shelf spirits were lost to bathtub gin, rot gut whiskey, and many Americans raised during the Speakeasy age never really knew what a good quality drink was.

This collection of chocolate bonbons, crafted by The Chocolate Lab, represent an homage to six classic pre-prohibition cocktails, using classic cocktail preparations inspired by the old 1935 Waldorf-Astoria bar book. Each classic cocktail is expertly paired with high quality spirits, and unique origin fine flavour chocolate from different cacao producing regions.

Please enjoy!

Sgt. Sherman– A single plantation Peru origin dark chocolate blended with Ghana origin milk chocolate, paired with the Sherman cocktail.

L.L. Dean – Peru origin dark chocolate is paired with a bourbon Manhattan cocktail, complete with a kirsch cherry.

Rob’s your uncle – A beautiful dark milk chocolate is paired with a classic Rob Roy cocktail, using an extra smooth 15yr distiller’s edition Scotch whiskey.

’99 Suburban –Ecuador origin dark chocolate paired with the Suburban Handicap cocktail, using special whiskey aged in wine barrels, layered with a vanilla white chocolate, and a twist of lemon.

La Montaña – Mexico origin dark chocolate is paired with the Montana cocktail.

Matinee at the Bijou – Peru origin dark chocolate is paired with the sweet Bijou cocktail.