Feature Flavour Collection


The top 9 flavours from our Summer #featureflavour series have returned for a limited time.

Flavours include:

Coco Maracuya – Dairy free. Coconut and Passionfruit.

Almond Snap – Dairy free. Almond and sesame.

Worms in Dirt – Milk Chocolate puddin’ with gummy worms.

Almond Amaretti Latte – Almond and creamy coffee, with amaretti crunch. (contains gluten)

Tropical Paradise – All the tropical flavours.

Breakfast Brew – Stout beer and single origin dark chocolate.

The Vine – Wine reduction with concord balsamic and dark chocolate.

Strawberry Lemonade – Tart lemons with tangy strawberries.

Shichimi – Japanese shichimi togarashi with milk chocolate and Asian citrus blend.